Last Science of Resilience Workshop Today

Join NPMS in our final workshop of the Science of Resilience!!!!! featured…

*TODAY*: SATURDAY 1-230PM + Raffle and Auction

I) Place your on a Kaplan MCAT course that worth $2300 (current highest bid is $2…people, take advantage of this opportunity if you’re planning on taking the MCAT. it’s worth it)!!!!!! Auction will take place at the beginning.

II) Workshop structure 

1) Mindfulness Practice and mastering the “Three Steps to Center,” to be used in challenging times.

2) Habit Hack: how to use attention-training tools to stay motivated and keep the practices going!

3) Special Guest Tara Well, PhD Mirror Meditation

III) *RAFFLES*RAFFLES*RAFFLES* – at end of workshops 

Dr. Bobby’s prizes:

1) TWO 30 min Skype convo + one free customized meditation audio

2) 2 free yoga classes + 50% off ANY class SERIES + SURPRISE SOCIAL TOOL

3) Stress kit + scalp massage

4) TWO chopt salad coupons + FEEDING SUCCESS BOOK

5) Spook massage mat (acupressure mat)

NPMS prizes:

1) Hats, journals, travel coffee mugs, and water bottles from the Barnard Store

2) Dig Inn meal coupons (free meals – yay)

Find us on FaceBook for resources and support after the workshops:

 1) request membership at:

 2) if you don’t facebook, sign up for newsletters: or let us know the best way to reach you.




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