Welcome everybody to the brand new website for the Barnard Network of Pre-Medical Students. We are very excited for the upgrade from the old site, but we are still working on things so please be patient with us and tell us if you have any suggestions. Don’t forget to join our NPMS Facebook page for information on past and upcoming events!

The Network of Pre-Medical Students at Barnard College strives to provide the pre-medical students at Barnard with a sense of community.  The executive board actively plans and hosts events for pre-med students that are, in some way, related to the health profession.  As a pre-med club we like to ensure that all of our club members remember to stay healthy during stressful times in the semester (like finals season), so we hold events such as study breaks and bake sales.
The Network of Pre-Medical Students is Barnard College’s official MAPS chapter. As a registered member of the Student National Medical Association, the organization supports and encourages a diverse group of students, including students from underrepresented minority groups to pursue their endeavors in the medical field. We would like to enrich the academic, personal, and professional development of women by exploring pertinent issues in health care such as health disparities, the involvement of women in the field of medicine, and the challenges of work/life balance. Through our volunteer work, discussions, and panels, we hope to create the next generation of culturally competent female physicians committed to improving all aspects of medicine, including patient care in under served communities.

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